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Anyone who still have this thing friend please remove it, for if all goes well he may go to a game.
...She dumped me.

she just dumped me. We got into this huge argument over that nexus clone and... and...

we broke up.
So whoa - yea, life's been getting in the way so the updates are feeew!

So here's the low-down on the stuff that's been sending me running around like crazy!

-PRIME! yes, I'm attending a nexus school, wouldya believe it? Superman heard about it, I dunno how - does this guy's hearing extends to the nexus? O.O? So yea, going there part-time, takin' advantage of the time-differences, least no silly secret identity stuff going on. And oh yes, Miss Eiko's going to help me learn more about my powers.

-Evil clone, and it ain't Match. Nexus decided to gift me with another one and this one makes Match look positively friendly!

-This guy decided that Phoenix Wright was in his way, oh yea - Phoenix's kind of a cool guy, a bit too stiff you asked me, but anyways Clone decided to kidnap him, for what? to kill the rest of us? Kind of lost track of him after the fight, but after what Novak did, I don't think he's going to pop up again any time soon! (kind of gruesome - bleh).

-And erm yea, Wonder Girl and I are kind of fighting.
You know, when I decide to take that damn pen, I didn't expect it to get me stuck as a girl.

Goddamnit - the worst part is losing my powers :/

So that's why I wasn't writing guys, sorry.

Anyone want Roast Kiwi for dinner?
my xmas stockingCollapse )
Okay - let's see - collect my thoughts, all that - how does Rob stay so damn calm?

I've been doing a lot of thinking (don't even start). Between Nexus, homeworld, other worlds - and just life in general.

I think I like guys.

No, no - Not gay. I adore girls, I love Cassie, and I'm not going to do anything that'll hurt her. ever.

Just - guess I need to confront... accept?

:/ Dunno what Supes would say if he finds out.
Here's what Superboy would be (WIP)

looong entry, those who mun Shard, Supermans, Spideys and Knockout may wanna lookCollapse )
There's an older me, whose hurt. I - what am I suppose to do?